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What Is Dropshipping? An Introduction for Beginners

Dropshipping enables anyone to get started with ecommerce at low cost by selling products online without maintaining inventory.

Dropshipping has exploded in popularity as an ecommerce fulfillment model that enables easy scaling without major upfront inventory investments. This article will clarify exactly what dropshipping entails, its pros and cons, and key steps for getting started on the right foot.


Table of Contents

  • Dropshipping Explained
  • Advantages of the Dropshipping Model
  • Potential Challenges with Dropshipping
  • Selecting Niche and Product Focus
  • Building An Online Store
  • Finding Reliable Supplier Partners
  • Driving Traffic and Sales

Dropshipping Explained

Dropshipping enables selling products online without keeping inventory. When an order occurs, the store owner purchases stock from a third party supplier and has it shipped directly to the awaiting customer. The store owner facilitates transactions without handling fulfillment.

Advantages of the Dropshipping Model

Dropshipping represents low risk since no upfront capital is required for purchasing product. It’s easy to pivot if some products fail. Minimalism from automated order processes allows for higher margins and faster geographic and inventory scaling compared to traditional ecommerce.

Potential Challenges with Dropshipping

Slow shipping times can frustrate buyers used to Amazon Prime speeds unless domestic suppliers with quicker fulfillment are secured. Inventory shown on site may not align with suppliers’ fluctuating stocks. Quality control is harder without touching products firsthand.

Selecting Niche and Product Focus

Researching winning items within niches from tools like Dropshipscan identified hundreds fast selling products ignored by top competitors. Match consumer demand with reliable supply availability within a specific niche for the best results.

Building An Online Store

Build branded stores with marketing-ready templates through intuitive store builders like Shopify and Wix. Tools like Oberlo integrate with suppliers enabling automatic inventory syncing and order processing at scale between store and suppliers.

Finding Reliable Supplier Partners

Thorough supplier vetting through evaluating shipping times, product quality, reliability ratings and more is imperative for minimizing issues down the line. Platforms like Spocket enable searching thousands of suppliers globally. building strategic partnerships ensures smooth scaling.

Driving Traffic and Sales

Deploy paid advertising across platforms like Facebook and TikTok to drive targeted traffic to high converting storefronts. Retarget visitors. Continuously test products and creatives, analyzing performance data to optimize efforts and boost sales.


By leveraging the logistical ease of automated order facilitation between customers and third party suppliers, ecommerce brands can minimize initial risks and operational overhead while massively scaling internationally through expert dropshipping.


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