Scam Alert - Fraudulent Sites Impersonating LEVIE

It has come to our attention that certain suspicious websites are impersonating LEVIE’s brand identity and services. These fraudulent sites are making false claims and promoting non-existent affiliate programs in an attempt to deceive users.

We want to be clear that LEVIE is only located at Our official social media profiles are also verifiable through links on our website.

Any other websites, offers, services or partnerships being promoted under the LEVIE name are unauthorized and likely fraudulent. We do NOT endorse them.

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How These Scam Sites Operate:

These scam sites operate by copying legitimate business names, logos, and images to appear credible. They fabricate claims like “As seen on CNN” and promote sketchy free giveaways and prize draws to collect personal data. Scammers will ask for sensitive information like credit cards and SSNs via spam emails and pop-ups for phishing purposes. They sell non-existent products or services anonymously and promote questionable money making schemes.

The key changes:

  • Combined the first two sentences about logos and false claims.
  • Grouped the middle three sentences about giveaways, data collection and phishing.
  • Consolidated the last two sentences about fake products and schemes.
  • Used transition words like “by” and “via” to link ideas.
  • Changed subject from “They” to “Scammers” and “These scam sites”.

Protect Yourself from Scams:

  • Verify legitimacy directly through the real company website
  • Search online reviews and reputation carefully
  • Do not provide any sensitive personal or financial data
  • Avoid promotional gimmicks like free gifts or cash offers
  • Use updated antivirus software and enable firewall protection
  • Hover over links to check the actual URLs before clicking
  • Report questionable sites to local authorities
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If you come across a website misrepresenting themselves as LEVIE, please report it immediately so we can pursue legal action. Together we can fight against these fraudulent Sites Impersonating LEVIE

The REAL LEVIE is located only at Reach out if you have any concerns about our identity. Let us know how we can help grow your business safely.


Thank you for your interest in LEVIE’s digital marketing, web design, app development and strategic consulting services. We’re excited to discuss how we can help take your business to the next level online.

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