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How to Use Google Trends

Google Trends is an invaluable yet often underutilized market research tool revealing rising or declining interest in topics over time and geography. This comprehensive guide covers navigating all key capabilities for unlocking actionable insights.

Table of Contents

  • Understanding the Google Trends Interface
  • Understanding Search Volume Patterns
  • Comparing Multiple Terms
  • Filtering Data Views by Location and Timeframe
  • Segmenting Audience Interest
  • Comparing Metrics Globally vs Locally
  • Exploring Related Queries
  • Identifying Regional Differences
  • Exporting Data to Spreadsheets
  • Integrating with Other Tools

Understanding the Google Trends Interface

The Google Trends dashboard enables analyzing and tracking search volumes over 12 months visually through an interactive line chart. Terms can be added via the Explore search bar. Filter options exist on left to segment data by date ranges, countries, categories and search types. Comparisons get added through the “Compare” link

google trend pattern image

Understanding Search Volume Patterns

Type in any keyword like “yoga mats” to chart interest over time highlighting peaks and dips. Compare historical spikes around relevant events. Identify seasonality and broader trends informing opportunity windows.

Comparing Multiple Terms

Contrast search volume patterns between terms like “yoga mats” vs “pilates reformers” showing their relative popularity and whether interest for those items rise and fall similarly or independently over years.

Filtering Data Views by Location and Timeframe

Isolate any keyword’s popularity by country identifying specific geos with disproportionate interest representing prime local expansion potential. Additionally filter to omit anomalies by narrowing date ranges. Exclude pandemic volatility by analyzing 2019 yearly views setting informed baselines.

Segmenting Audience Interest

Filter trends by Country identifying specific geos with disproportionate interest ideal for local expansion. Additionally, isolate interest by Categories like fitness products revealing core searcher intent whether commercial or informational.

Comparing Metrics Globally vs Locally

The “Comparison” addition graphs any keyword’s national popularity versus global average interest, weighted by internet penetration showing if international variations exist. Compare before determining global market entry sequence priority and local catalog optimization.

Exploring Related Queries

Scroll below the main chart to uncover other commonly searched terms around your initial keyword like “liforme yoga mat” revealing specific brand appetite and other associated items searched showing tangential interest suitable for targeting.

Identifying Regional Differences

Add the Comparison feature evaluating any keyword’s search volume nationally vs globally, weighted by total internet users per country revealing best geos to consider when assessing demand for products, content or features.

Exporting Data to Spreadsheets

With the “Download” functionality, export search volumes tracked over months or years into Excel for advanced modeling blended with other data points like social media discussions, review volumes and web traffic through customized opportunity scoring models.

Integrating Insights Strategically With Other Tools

Incorporate Google Trends intelligence into testing concepts with consumer panels, inventory planning systems driven by demand forecasts, paid campaign budgeting relative to seasonality waves and content production aligned to interests revealed across potential target keywords.

Become an expert identifying rising niches, optimizing online campaigns, uncovering regional openings and spotlighting risks by navigating all of Google Trends’ powerful functionality through this comprehensive guide.


some familiarity navigating through its multitude of data views and filters unlocking local or niche insights, Google Trends can provide invaluable intelligence to identify promising opportunities and customize effective roadmaps saving significant time and money.


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