How to Get International Clients form Freelancing Platforms


Freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr provide access to clients across the globe. Establishing a strong profile and marketing your digital services effectively on these sites can lead to landing lucrative contracts with international businesses. This guide covers tips to leverage freelance marketplaces to expand your clientele abroad.

In this blog post, we provide an actionable 9-step guide on how to start a digital marketing agency from the ground up, even if you are just starting out in the industry.

Table of Contents

  • Optimize Your Freelancer Profile
  • Showcase Specialized Skillsets
  • Display International Experience and Examples
  • Bid on Jobs Specifically Seeking Foreign Providers
  • Promote Your Profile and Services
  • Build Ratings and Reviews
  • Offer Competitive Pricing and Delivery Times
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Optimize Your Freelancer Profile

Carefully optimize your profile on freelance platforms, as this serves as your agency website. Include a professional yet personable write-up summarizing your services, skills and experience. Display stellar past work through portfolios and outline details like languages spoken, availability, services rates and more.

Showcase Specialized Skillsets

Rather than listing every digital marketing service, highlight specialized offerings like multilingual SMO, global SEO audits or cross-border PPC campaign management. Specific skillsets make you more competitive and attractive to international clients with specialized needs.

Display International Experience and Examples

Prominently feature case studies, client logos and testimonials from past international work. This builds trust and credibility. If lacking, create sample campaigns or content tailored to various regions as hypothetical examples of your capabilities abroad.

Bid on Jobs Specifically Seeking Foreign Providers

Search for projects where clients directly state they are looking for freelancers overseas or open to global talent. Such jobs likely require native understanding of international target markets. Your foreign background gets positioned as an advantage over domestic competitors.

Promote Your Profile and Services

Actively apply for roles aligned with your offerings and promote your profile. Send carefully customized cover letters conveying why you are uniquely suited for an international client’s needs. Request reviews from happy clients to build credibility.

Build Ratings and Reviews

As you complete projects successfully, ask clients to leave you positive ratings and feedback. Good reviews and high scores will make your profile stand out compared to less established freelancers. This will lead to more international lead generation over time.

Offer Competitive Pricing and Delivery Times

When just starting out, you may not command top pay yet. Offer pricing aligned with averages for your geographic market. Faster yet quality turnarounds compared to competitors can help win jobs even at somewhat lower rates initially. As you build your reputation, increase prices.


In summary, freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr provide untapped potential to grow your digital marketing client base globally. Follow these tips to position yourself as an attractive and competitive service provider to overseas customers. Meet international needs and deliver consistently to build enduring relationships with foreign businesses


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