how to get international clients for digital marketing by organically and paid


The digital landscape has enabled agencies to extend their services beyond domestic borders. By combining organic marketing and paid advertising, providers can systematically build an international clientele. This guide will explore techniques to attract and retain high-value customers from overseas.

Table of Contents

  • Optimizing Your Web Assets for Global Visibility
  • Producing Relevant International Content
  • Networking in Cross-Border Business Spaces
  • Geo-Targeted Paid Ad Campaigns
  • Mapping the International Client Journey
  • Accounting for Regional Nuances
how to get international clients for digital marketing by organically and paid

Optimizing Web Assets for Global Visibilit

Carefully optimize your profile on freelance platforms, as this serves as your agency website. Include a professional yet personable write-up summarizing your services, skills and experience. Display stellar past work through portfolios and outline details like languages spoken, availability, services rates and more.

Showcase Specialized Skillsets

First, ensure your agency website and other owned properties like blogs achieve visibility within foreign search engines and web spaces. Optimize page speed, content, link profiles and more for international SEO best practices. Adapt navigation elements for top global languages. This expands organic access worldwide.

Producing Relevant International Content

Create locally-resonant educational content like guides on efficient Chinese social commerce strategies or influencer marketing norms in Germany. Consistently publish to demonstrate localized expertise. Detailed yet accessible content, informed by in-region research, attracts global visitors to your brand.

Networking in Cross-Border Business Spaces

Actively participate in international marketing associations, accelerator programs, conferences and trade events. Identify partners through these channels and integrate into global business ecosystems. Such relationships provide referrals and practical regional insights while raising visibility.

Geo-Targeted Paid Ad Campaigns

Beyond organic tactics, run paid promotions geared toward priority international locations using platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn Ads. Target by city, state or country to reach precise overseas markets. Continually optimize based on performance data, iterating towards conversions.

Mapping the International Client Journey

Understand regional differences across the customer journey – how brand perception is shaped, decisions get influenced and purchases are made. Adapt your workflows, messaging and touchpoints accordingly throughout attraction, conversion and retention stages per locale.

Accounting for Regional Nuances

Avoid the one-size-fits all approach. Continuously evolve offerings to align with distinct international digital landscapes, languages, time zones, regulations and cultural preferences per target market. Demonstrating this agility attracts overseas customers.

Here are some suggested tools for organic and paid strategies to get international digital marketing clients:

Organic Tools

  • Moz Local – Provides detailed international SEO guides and localization recommendations to improve search visibility globally
  • Semrush – SEO toolkit providing keyword research, backlink analysis, site audits and ranking tracking specifically for over 140 countries
  • Linguee – Translation tool to make web pages multilingual for international visitors
  • BuzzSumo – Analyze what content performs well globally for a topic then create localized versions

Paid Tools

  • Google Ads – Powerful PPC platform with robust targeting capabilities like language, location, and device
  • Facebook Ads Manager – Detailed targeting to serve ads internationally by location, interests and more
  • LinkedIn Campaign Manager – Target by job role and industry critical for B2B lead gen
  • Taboola / Outbrain – Content promotion networks reaching viewers globally
  • Tapfiliate – Specialized affiliate/referral program tracking across borders

Organic + Paid Tools

  • Ahrefs – Provides recommendations to build international links and surfaces successful global competitor content to model
  • SEMrush + Social Media Trackers – Monitor international brand mentions and conversations
  • Google Analytics + Google Search Console – Track website performance by source country and optimize based on key metrics


In summary , With deliberate effort, agencies can counter geographic limitations in today’s interconnected world. Blending organic promotion and strategic paid campaigns with regional adaptation empowers providers to credibly serve and satisfy clients across the globe.

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                             how to get international client for digital marketing



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